While achieving client objectives is my responsibility as a real estate agent, positive feedback from clients is the hallmark of true success. Read on and discover a few of our many satisfied clients below.

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Nick did an excellent job finding me a suitable rental for my family of 5 near Stowe. We looked online for a while then reached out to Nick. He gave us many options and was able to negotiate a price that fit our budget. I would highly recommend him.

I found Nick through a mutual friend after an unpleasant experience with a different buyer broker and a contract that I had spent weeks on falling through. Right off the bat Nick was responsive, engaged, and consistently going above and beyond the call of duty to advocate for my best interest and find me the best deal. Though the process was long, challenging, and not the most pleasant, Nick helped me to keep my eye on the ball and to accomplish the big picture goal by taking care of the little day-to-day tasks. I whole heartedly recommend his services to anyone dealing with real estate conveyance in the northern Vermont area.

We called Nick after a total loss house fire. Nick was able to secure furnished housing in our school district within a few days. This is no small task in a small town in Vermont! He even collected donations of clothing and toys from his coworkers and delivered them to us.

He then worked tirelessly to find us a new home to purchase. In the middle of a very difficult chapter for our family Nick really came through!!! He is a great guy and a wonderful realtor!

Nick helped us to find & purchase a vacation home & investment property for our family. He really went the extra mile to find a wide variety of comps & rental projections to help us to feel confident with our decision. We also always felt that he had our best interests in mind during the negotiation process. Probably the best experience we've ever had with a realtor. And he's also a nice guy. Would definitely recommend him to anyone interested in purchasing in this area of Vermont.

This has been our fourth property sale, with Nick being one of the best Realtors we've had the opportunity to work with. His knowledge of the marketing strategies in the region was instrumental in the sale of our most recent transaction. In addition, his energy and overall enthusiasm for his profession is commendable.

We worked with Nick to purchase a home that would serve as a second home while we built our house in Stowe and then would become a rental property. Eventually, it turned out it would be our primary home. In other words, the house we found had to fit a lot of criteria, and Nick was fantastic at helping us determine the degree to which each house balanced those different criteria.

Nick not only knows Stowe well, he has a deep understanding of the intricacies of the real estate market. He was able to guide us through which houses would rent well and how the market works. He very quickly understood what we were looking for, which meant we were able to find the right house in a short time.

When it came time to negotiate, Nick was good about advocating for us while remaining sensible about the whole process. There were a few moments when the deal could have fallen apart, and I credit Nick with the fact that we were able get through those bumpy spots and ultimately close on the house.

Nick is a level-headed, intelligent agent. He doesn't deal in hyperbole; he calls the situation like he sees it. He's an excellent advocate to have.

After going through two realtors and 8 years of MLS listings a friend of mine recommended Nick. We meant and I was immediately impressed with the way he handled himself in front of my renters and the process he set forth to list the property. For the first time I was given a well thought out marketing plan, and great information on how we we were going to sell it! He pushed me in a good way to get a few things done with the house too. These proved necessary as my buyers inspection was very thorough and detailed. At the end we had a challenging closing. (not generated from our side) Nick did a great job of dealing with the stress and helping me gain perspective while respectfully representing me.

I would highly recommend Nick. He communicates very well and has a complete understanding of the opportunities and challenges when buying or selling property. Even though my house sold quickly with him I know he was working hard and prepared to stay focused until we closed. I was very fortunate to have him on my side at the end of the day.

Nick was involved in both the sale of my former home and purchase of my new one. Because of his knowledge of the local markets, his attention to detail and his skills in dealing with the lawyers and other realtors involved, both transactions went very smoothly. In both cases he did a thorough job of representing me and keeping me informed on the progress of both items. He's laid back, has a good sense of humor and relieved me of much of the stress in selling and buying these homes.

I truly can not sum up how great an experience it was working with Nick. I knew I reached the right realtor when I cold-called Nick at 9pm on a Tuesday to inquire about a property. A half hour phone call ensued discussing what I was looking for. I could write a three page review, but in short, I can't imagine anyone more knowledgable on the Stowe area, investment potential, construction, and the overall home purchasing process than Nick.

I read other reviews of Nick and they are all similar; he goes well above and beyond to help his clients. No hidden agendas, honest and as straight forward as anyone you will meet.

Biggest compliment I can give, is that I quickly realized when I was going down the road of purchasing my home; already having a friend like Nick in town was a big selling point.

Nick was truly amazing helping me relocate to the Stowe area. He has a command of what is available that met my needs during the search. Nick is extremely responsive to phone and email, helping give me peace of mind during the search and negotiation process. He is skilled in the vacation home rental market, and knowing various VT land use/tax programs. When it comes to structuring the deal Nick's experience shines though again. I could not have had a better partner in the process to find my dream VT property.

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