Past Sales Assignments

Most sellers think they have to dig their heels in and wait to get the largest offer possible.  The most common mistake sellers make is thinking “well, our price gives us room to negotiate”.  More often than not, that is a recipe for remaining on the market and getting proceeds on the lower end of the range when the property final closes.  As a seller, you want the largest pool of simultaneously interested buyers possible.  That puts the seller at an advantage and allows them to set the terms of the sale.

A sales strategy should be created as a result of examining the local real estate market conditions – which constantly change.  Selling a property for the greatest possible sales proceeds is a competition.  As I tell my clients, real estate seldom changes - what changes is the perception people have of the real estate being sold.  If a property is marketed for sale and it sits, then you might have to make a deal with one interested buyer.  In that result, you have put the buyer at an advantage.

My marketing strategies, which are custom to each property, have been proven successful through many seamless closings.  In the end, selling property comes down to three simple elements, current market conditions (which no one controls), price (which the seller controls) and exposure (why you hire a real estate firm).  The latter is where we excel.

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