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It has been a pleasure to assist many property owners to sell their homes in Stowe and Northern Vermont, often above assessed value. Sellers benefit from my market exposure to access the largest pool of buyers possible during the sales process.  Sellers also take advantage of the roster of buyers who have contacted me directly to further their home search efforts. I continually track data to see where buyers are coming from, research what advertising venues lead to more potential purchasers, and advise clients how to position a property for sale as quickly as possible. I excel at and pride myself on selling properties where others could not.

Common Questions For a Seller's Agent

Some questions the brokers you are interviewing should be able to answer are:

  • Where are the buyers coming from?  Vermont and Stowe share a commonality in the strength of one particular demographic and this demographic in Vermont outpaces the national average by 14%.
  • Stowe and Vermont as a whole benefit from a significant number of second homeowners.  Many of these buyers want to know what they can make if they were to rent out the home they want to buy when they are not using it.  Can your broker tell you what the anticipated return on investment could be for a rental property quantitatively?
  • How can the price you are asking for your property affect your market exposure?  Simply put, the asking price is a marketing tool the same as the real estate sign that will be placed on your property (except in Stowe - for sale signs are not allowed).
  • What marketing venues is the broker going to use to sell your property?  They should give you a list of media venues where you will see your home once it is on the market.
  • How many visitors does the broker's website get per month?  What venue to use to track this data and where are the people on their website coming from?
  • How does your broker tract the dollars they invest in their marketing efforts to quantify tangible lead generation?
  • Will they create a floor plan of your house so that buyers can understand the layout, or do they let buyers figure it out?

There are many other aspects to a successful marketing campaign and they need to be 100% ready prior to broadcasting to all the media outlets.  You only get one shot to make a first impression.

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