The Move-Up

19 Carpentier Farm Road, Morrisville, VT

A single-family residential home with privacy located in Vermont.

The “move-up”, entering into a contract on a new home before you sell the one you are in, is a great way to capitalize on the improving real estate market.  The market correction started in the lower price points and is moving up the pricing latter.  If you are in a starter home looking to move up, now is the time to sell for a premium and buy before the market has fully corrected for higher-priced homes.   

After a detailed search, my client the Calcagni family found their dream house.  The sellers built the home thinking it was their final; however, they were moving on.  During a time-sensitive situation, the Calcagnis had to secure the property, which had just fallen out of contract, with an offer that included selling their current residence to complete a purchase.

The seller was convinced to enter into a contract with the Calcagnis offering a limited window (30 days) to get the current residence under the agreement, or they could cancel the contract.   Prior to signing the contract to secure the new house we created all of the marketing material – floor plans, pictures, staged the house and cleaned! - to get the current house ready to market.

To make the transactions happen we had to get maximum value for the existing house.  In the end, we had the Calcagni’s house under contract in 10 days with multiple interested parties.  Our client hired us to create maximum equity in their existing home to avoid PMI payments on the loan for the new house.  We accomplished all the tasks the Calcagni family required to make them successful purchasers of their dream home.


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