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As a buyer, purchasing real estate can be one of the most important financial decisions of your life. Because the property is often one of the largest assets a person owns it can set you on a path to prosperity or on one with years of financial angst.  Real estate, be it residential or commercial, is an investment and it should be managed diligently, like all investments.  My goal is to offer my client a clear picture of the current real estate market conditions and to put them on a path where they secure the property they want on the best terms for them.

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How is that done? I have over 15 years of experience in real estate acquisitions/investing and a Master of Science in real estate from NYU.  I have spent years analyzing market data to advise my clients on a sound financial decision. I use advanced data analysis to uncover real estate trends that help my clients make educated decisions. My understanding of the real estate transaction process – I have been involved with over $7 billion in real estate transactions and mortgage financings (I assisted in creating Pall Spera Group Mortgages) allows me to guide clients through to a seamless closing.

Ultimately, my goal is to further the interests of my clients.  Also, it is to make sure they believe I am the one they can count on to unquestionably deliver services superior to those of my competitors.

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