About Nick Lizotte

I love Vermont - it has always been home to me - and real estate - its demanding and rewarding staying ahead of the market.  With 15 plus years in the industry, my experiences range from buying and selling residential homes to the acquisition and de-listing of REITs from the New York Stock Exchange, and most things in between.  In total I have been involved in over $7 billon in successful real estate transactions.  What sets me apart from other agents is buying and selling real estate in its simplest form is a competition and I really enjoy helping clients craft a strategy to realize their goals.  The greatest source of accomplishment for me is finding creative ways to put my clients ahead.  A few examples would include securing a property on contract terms – not price - in a multiple bid situation.  Locating a great investment opportunity by digging deeper in the market than other brokers.  A real source of accomplishment is selling properties when other brokers and agents before me couldn’t (marketing plans make a difference).  My main goal is to provide a better service than my contemporaries.

My clients get the benefit of my experience, education and creative marketing ideas.  I started in the business in high school with a shovel digging ditches to construct homes.  In college, I focused my education majoring in architecture (and studio art).  After college, I got lucky and was hired to work for JP Morgan Investment Management investing in commercial real estate all over the United States.  While at JPMorgan, I earned my MS in Real Estate at New York University.

The real benefit to my clients is I can alert them to issues with properties long before entering into a purchase and sales contract.  My experience and knowledge has saved my clients countless hours of frustration and hard earned dollars by uncovering all the facts prior to undertaking a transaction.  Further, my clients enjoy a more focused real estate search that saves time, effort and avoids confusion.  If you’re contemplating a real estate transaction, from buying or selling your home to analyzing your hundredth commercial investment, I can alert you on aspects and details you might never have contemplated.

It would be a pleasure to assist you in your next real estate transaction!

For more information or any questions, please feel free to contact me or call 802.585.1131. It would be a pleasure to assist you in your next real estate transaction.

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Email: nick@stowevt.com

Phone: 802.585.1131